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Here are three specialty programs we created for our exclusive clients.


01. Bank Statements In Lieu of Tax Returns

Loans to 15 Million


  • We only calculate deposits over 12-24 months.

  • We don’t look at expenses going out.

  • Low rates.

  • Unlimited Cash out.

02. Income Properties   

“No income or tax returns”

Loans to 5 Million


  • We don’t ask for tax returns or assets.

  • We don’t ask for leases or messy paperwork from other properties.

  • We only look at rents.

  • Low rates.

  • Unlimited Cash out.

03. Stated Income

(Primary Residence Purchase or Refinance)

Loan limit to 3 Million


  • No tax returns or income of any kind, just liquid asset-based lending.

  • Low rates.

  • Unlimited Cash out.


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